Khaos Dwarf concept sculpts

Mantic Games have posted photos of some sculpts of their Khaos Dwarves by Bob Naismith.

Khaos Goblin
Khaos Goblin

From their announcement:

It is great to see that the concept art has gone down so well, we have had some fantastic comments and also quite a few very useful constructive comments, both of which are really helpful for us here at Mantic.

One of the recurring comments that stood out for us was that people hoped these pieces of art would go past being just concepts.

Well here is a sneak peak of what Bob Naismith is working on for us:

These are still Work in Progress shots, but we think it is shaping up very nicely. Let us know what you think. Just drop us a comment.

Bob is also working on a few other pieces for us, so you want to keep checking back.