Khan you believe it? New Mongol Cavalry released

By Polar_Bear
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Apr 23rd, 2014

Fireforge Games has their new Mongol Cavalry box set available over in their webshop.

Mongol Cavalry


From the release:

“Conquering the world on horseback is easy; it is dismounting and governing that is hard.”
Genghis Khan

Six of every ten Mongol troopers were light cavalry horse archers, the remaining four were more heavily armored and armed lancers. Mongol light cavalry were extremely light troops compared to contemporary standards, allowing them to execute tactics and maneuvers that would have been impractical for a heavier enemy such as European knights. Soldiers usually carried scimitars and light lances as well. All horses were equipped with stirrups. This technical advantage made it easier for the Mongol archers to turn their upper body, and shoot in all directions, including backwards. Each soldier had two to four horses so when a horse tired they could use the other ones which made them one of the fastest armies in the world.
Our new release, “Mongol Cavalry”, is finally available on our webstore. Conquer the world leading these fearsome troops to battle!

This box enables you to build up to 12 mongol horse archers of the 12th/13th century, each one equipped with one hand weapons, shields and/or bows.

The box contains enough plastic bases for Deus Vult gaming system:
50mm x 50mm = 6 bases
25mm x 50mm = 4 bases

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