Khador Kommander Harkevich preview

By tgn_admin
In Fantasy
Apr 11th, 2011

Privateer Press have posted a preview of the Khador Kommander Harkevich figure.

Kommander Harkevich

From their website:

Khador’s Iron Wolf has earned a reputation as a peerless master of heavy armor on the battlefield, a war hero beloved by his men and respected even by the enemies of the Motherland. He is famous for his ability to move large numbers of warjacks at an unprecedented pace to arrive where the enemy least expects him. Where Harkevich and his iron army stride, the enemy finds itself hounded, outmaneuvered, cornered, and eventually obliterated by overwhelming firepower.

  • keltheos

    “That guy’s gonna be a pain to beat at the Whack-a-Mole tournament!”

    I keed!

    I like the armor, the Hagrid beard and pilot’s cap not so much. And the giant mace thingie…I think it’s the effortless way he’s holding it.

  • syr8766

    Yeah. I haven’t liked the last three Khador casters, frankly, but the previous two at least looked internally consistent. This one looks like they took a bunch of disparate test models and shoved them together. “We’ll take a test-version of the Butcher, Kovnik Joe’s head and a WWII field cap, et viola!”

  • “In Soviet Russia MACE WIELDS YOU!”

    In all seriousness though I do like this model.

    • The mace is a bit much in my book. It’s like a lantern with a hilt.

    • Haha damn, I was going to say something similar.

      I like him. The mace is a bit meh, but his beard is so manly.

  • mathieu

    What bothers me most is like it’s yet another PP miniature with the same (or similar) static pose. Which is too bad because the sculpt is quite decent (if a bit lacking in sharpness).

    • Zac

      Static poses mean fewer parts which means cheaper figs.

      • Brant

        Base Size:

        It might mean cheaper fig if it wasn’t PP. Not trying to start anything, but it seems as if they’re going a similar route to GW.

      • Vaxillus

        That’s only half true. A lot of it depends on the angle of the body, hips, and shoulders to create movement. This can add to more parts if the pose gets chaotic, but usually doesn’t. I think what happened here was a lack of attention to gesture and movement in favor of chunky armor and detailed bits, which are ultimately just noise. Privateer’s concept artists are almost more draftsmen than artists these days.

  • Veritas

    Bartolo Montador decided to join Khador!?

  • metalsifter

    I think this model was sculpted by Brian Duges. His models are very good from a technical perspective, but have no “life” or “flair” to them.

    I’m sure he follows any concept art closely, but he really needs to work on his anatomy and movement. His models are just “wooden”.

  • jet

    I don’t play as much Warmachine as I used to, but I can’t say I like where their miniature style has been heading. They’ve seemed to dispensed with the “beauty in simplicity” approach. Every mini I see now is packed with enough detail for 5 or 6 minis. I long for the days of simple models with high-visual impact – Epic Haley, Mechanithralls, Bloat Thralls, Iron Fang Pikeman, etc…

    The rivets/borders/belt pouches and spikes have become almost as rampant as the GW skulls.

    Of course, I now I’m in a VERY tiny minority here. The game is doing very well and it looks good on them.

    • cybogoblin

      I can understand basic troopers being modeled with less detail, but characters should have more to them.

      They can go a little overboard sometimes, sure, but something is better than nothing – unless you’re a very skilled freehand painter.

    • Zac

      I see your point but after having to paint a unt of Satyxis Raiders I can’t say that the overwhelming amount of detail is a new thing 🙂

      I certainly agree that troop models should be simpler. If you are going to paint ten models you don’t want a lot of detail on them. Character models are fine though

  • jet

    Sorry, early morning typos. I meant “know”, not “now.”