Khador Bombardiers previewed

By tgn_admin
In Fantasy
May 9th, 2011

Ian Henderson has sent along news that the last set of previews from No Quarter Magazine 36 also featured a photo of the upcoming plastic Khador Bombardiers. You can download the Unbound preview in PDF format from Privateer’s website.

  • cybogoblin

    Is it me, or do their weapons look different to the art in the Forces of Khador book? Not seeing much of a barrel, just the chain axe head.

  • ninja007

    Can’t really make out either of those things. Shoulders with ammo strapped on looks neat though.

    Anyway don’t get too excited about this, guys. It’s not a preview, it’s an incidental leak. It just confirms what we already knew: there is a plastic MoW kit in existence, and PP has painted glamor-shot minis prepared for them. The PG Quartermaster already told the forums this a while back. They have plastic kits of a lot of stuff, it’s just been held up due to their difficulties with their Chinese plastics production facility.

    Fingers crossed that they can work that out soon and not end up releasing them in a more expensive, difficult to assemble, metal version out of desperation, like happened with the Dawnguard Destiers.