Khador Black Ivan Warjack preview

By tgn_admin
In Fantasy
Apr 12th, 2011

Privateer Press have posted a preview of the new Khador Black Ivan Warjack upgrade kit.

Black Ivan

From their website:

Black Ivan is the prized companion of Kommander Harkevich, a warcaster renowned for his ingenuity on the battlefield. Armed with a bombard and an industrial wrecking claw, Black Ivan is an unparalleled instrument of war that excels at both long-range bombardment and the brutal press of melee.

The Black Ivan warjack upgrade kit is not a complete model. Players will need a Khador heavy warjack plastic kit in addition to this kit.

  • papasmrf667

    Looks great, maybe this means all the other factions will companion jacks for their new casters

  • oldsalt

    It looks nice… but where’s the @#$^$!! conversion kit for the Kodiak?

  • mathieu

    Cool model, but I’d find it a lot cooler if PP plastic kits were of a better quality. Even they admit the material is a lot more difficult to work with than the polystyrene GW uses, and they clearly are unable to control the quality nearly as well as they do for their metal models.

    • Plastic is still a fairly new endeavour for them, though. Would it be nice if they could work out all the kinks in the first go? Sure. Is it likely to happen? No.

      • mathieu

        Their first plastic models came out in June 2009. They’ve had two years to work these kinks out, and that’s not even considering the time they spent in R&D before releasing these models. Maybe that’s just me, but I think they are way past their first go 😉

        The sculpts are pretty nice but in my opinion the overall quality of the plastic models is mediocre. I understand that controlling it isn’t an easy process, but it’s a process they’ve had a lot of time to work on by now. You can’t really go “it’s their first time, be understanding” but for so long…

    • Veritas

      GW is also better positioned since they make their models in house. They can oversee quality control directly. PP has to get samples sent from the factory and even then they can’t be 100% sure the finished product will be as good as the samples.

      But yes, even though I understand PP’s predicament, I don’t like it. I got a plastic Deneghra in a trade on Bartertown and the mould lines were so bad I almost just threw it in the trash so I didn’t have clean it up.

  • blkdymnd

    It distresses me more that you have to pay $15 more than a heavy warjack to make…. a heavy warjack.

  • supervike

    Great paint!

  • Everytime a new Khadoran ‘jack is revealed, I’m frightened it might be the Butcher’s …

    • cybogoblin

      That’s the thing about the Butcher, he is his own ‘jack 😉

  • Granted (and I was pretty sure someone would give me that kind of answer), but … could you imagine … ?

    • rogue

      Fluff wise it is hard to imagine that any warjack can stand so long by Butcher’s side to become character… If he ever has one it should be destroyed/taken byc Cygnar in final acts of Legends story, when Butcher was dying…. However, it would be cool when he will ever gets his own jack…

      Annoying thing in my opinion is that new warcaster instantly gets his jack… Zerkova should gain her jack now…. hope that she will get her jack sometime

      By the way do you play Khador??? :O

  • However, it would be cool when he will ever gets his own jack…

    You probably mean “It would be the end of all things” !

    Currently, I’m rather Menoth-oriented, but I started playing with Khador.
    Posted some pics for you on the TGN Talk :