Kazrak Studio Previews Saber & Blood Kickstarter

Ever see a Kickstarter launch and think, “man, this project would be better if they just ____”? Well, Karzak Studio is looking to avoid that by showing off the preview of their Saber & Blood Kickstarter campaign before it launches. Check it out, find out about the game, and if you’ve got anything you’d like to recommend, that’s just the sort of feedback that they’re looking for.

From them to you:

We are so excited for releasing our first KS Campaing on KS. Saber & Blood So here we’d like to share a draft for feedback, feel free to ask any questions. Saber & Blood is an exciting mix of a card game and a board game. Each player commands a band of three characters that fight each other in a vicious battle to the last drop of blood. Players control their characters on the board by playing cards from their unique decks. Each faction has its own deck, character abilities, playing styles, strengths, and weaknesses that must be used strategically in order to defeat its opponents. We started our adventure with games, by making our own casting company. This is fruit of our effort to make something on our own.Thanks!