Kampfgruppe Normandy available to pre-order now

Kampfgruppe NormandyWarhammer Historical is taking pre-orders for their Kampfgruppe Normandy WWII rules.

From their announcement:

Written by Warwick Kinrade, Kampfgruppe Normandy is a huge 348 page, full colour, large format, hardback book containing rules for playing miniature wargames set in Normandy during the summer of 1944.

Kampfgruppe Normandy is a completely new games system that includes detailed rules for such aspects of warfare as: command and control, suppressing fire with small arms and high-explosives, direct and indirect fire, aircraft attacks and anti-aircraft fire. It also includes a unique battle group morale system to determine the victor in each battle. The rules can be played using any 1/72 scale (20mm) WWII plastic, metal and resin infantry, vehicles and terrain kits.

As you can see from these page spreads, Kampfgruppe Normandy includes over 100 photographs taken during the war by those who were there, many rarely seen before. The book contains eight army lists from which players can build combined-arms battle groups: four Allied lists, for both British and American Armoured and Infantry divisions and four German lists, covering both SS and Wehrmacht Panzer divisions, and Werhmacht Infantry and Fallschirmjäger divisions.

It also contains two mini-campaigns set in the British and American sectors of Normandy which provide extensive background information, scenarios and equipment data as well as full-colour uniform guides for German, American and British forces.

Kampfgruppe Normandy is available to pre-order now for despatch in the week commencing 26th April, but before this it will also be exclusively available in limited numbers at Salute, which is held at London’s ExCel Centre on 16th April.

WWII German Decal Sheet available to pre-order now

Released alongside Kampfgruppe Normandy is this detailed German decal sheet, designed by Forge World’s Paul Rudge.

Packed with over 1,200 individual decals, this sheet provides national insignia, vehicle numbers and divisional insignia for the 1st, 2nd, 9th and 12th SS Panzer Divisions.

The vehicle numbers on the sheet, designed for use with 1/72 (20mm) models, can both be used straight away in the designations supplied, or combined together to allow further unit numbers to be created for specific vehicles. The sheet has been designed with the wargamer in mind, and allows multiple vehicles from the same unit to be easily detailed.

This decal sheet can now be pre-ordered for despatch in the week commencing 26th April. Along with Kampfgruppe Normandy, the German decal sheet will be available in limited numbers at Salute 2011 in advance of this shipping date.

More Warhammer Historical publications coming soon

Kampfgruppe Normandy is the first of several exciting supplements and rulebooks scheduled for release over the next few months. Keep an eye on the Warhammer Historical website and future newsletters for more details.

  • trajan

    How much??!!?

    I know there’s cut backs and hardship at the moment, what with countries like Portugal, Greece and Ireland in financial difficulty at the moment, but this is ridiculous!
    There is absolutely no way I’m buying these unless they’re printed on gold leaf or something! Besides which, I already play what I consider to be the best rules available – IronIvan’s Disposable Heroes (I am not trying to start a discussion about those). They have come to the table very late as well!

    I don’t normally just dismiss a set of rules without trying them first, but I won’t be buying these.

  • Enormous Stilton

    Blimey, £48. I’d been waiting for these for ages. But that’s a little much to pay.
    I had hoped that Ambush Alley Games’ and Osprey’s impending release of the Force on Force rules would allow me to play WW2, but they don’t cover that period. So a set for suitable for playing WW2 20mm would have been perfect, but I’d want army lists for the whole late war period rather than focusing on the usual Normandy campaign for that price. Believe it or not but the war went on for alot longer than just the June to August period covered here.
    On a more positive note, it’s good to see rules written for 20mm as opposed to 28mm. I understand that many prefer to use 28mm if they’ve cross over from fantasy etc, but there are alot of very good manufacturers out there producing a far wider and often cheaper selection of minis and vehicles for 20mm.

    • trajan

      Honestly, mate, invest in Disposable Heroes by IronIvan games. You won’t be disappointed and the authors give full support on their Yahoo group site. They say 28mm, but they can be used for any scale, including 20mm and they only cost £12. If you want the army books, they are available separately and give you all force options and every vehicle, gun and aircraft that particular nation used. Much more than you will probably need, but well worth the extra cash. However, you only need the main book to play and there are army lists included.


    • Force on Force does cover WWII

      • Enormous Stilton

        The original ruleset does, the new one being released doesn’t. As they’ve refined some of the more abstract rules in FoF, I’d have liked to try them for WW2. I can adapt the rules as I see fit, but they are arguing that in releasing the new version, they want to keep post ’45 and WW2 combat in separate editions and have only announced modern rules and supplements so far.

  • This appears to be a battle group level game (it has a battle group morale system, possibly the only bit of information in the release, and I bet that’s erroneous). Disposable heroes is a skirmish game.
    Having said that, playing at such a high level of command with 20mm figures is going to require quite a lot of compromises. There is no real information about the game in the press release other than it costs a lot and has some photos. The page examples referred to only show me the covers and no interior pages. Nothing here to make me want to buy it over any other set of rules at the moment.
    Finally, figure size for rules is an irrelevance. Saying they’re written for 20mm is meaningless, what’s to stop you using anything from 6mm-60mm?

    • trajan

      I agree with you. Also, while you are correct about DH and it can be used for larger games, there are other good rulesets available that cover Battle Groups that are cheaper than this by a long way, leaving you money left to start a new force in your chosen scale!


    • ref

      the page examples referred to only
      show me the covers and no interior

      Click the top right of the page to see the interior pages.pages.

      • Thanks. Unfortunately seeing the insides doesn’t help either, no real information about the rules, just a load of padding (sorry, background). The figure scale seems to be 1 man/1 figure but there’s one scenario which is supposed to be company strength.
        Not for me I think.

  • I knew this would happen when Warhammer Historical went to Forge World. That is way too much for any ruleset, doubly so for a historical set.

  • The new FoF doesn’t cover WWII. There’s a WWII book planned.

    • Zac

      The old version had WWII rules but those were removed in the Osprey version so they could produced a focused expansion covering WWII and do it proper justice.

  • Mooniac

    IMO, this is a stab at BattleFront who is apparently planning to enter the sci-fi/fantasy area. The price justifications will come out, and they will also be directed at BattleFront. Being a FoW player, I don’t have any interest in yet another WW2 set, but I am interested in FoF to start playing some modern skirmish. Unfortunately, I don’t foresee having many opponents available in my area, which is the beauty of FoW – easy to get a game.

    • I would like more info on Battlefront doing sci-fi

  • I am a bit confused by this release… 350-odd pages for a Normandy-only rulebook? Are we to expect similar sized volumes for each of North Africa, Russia and the Pacific?

    I can’t see how this will ever become a popular system, no matter how good the game is.

    • Mooniac

      If your objection to the system is that it is only Normandy, I am sure there will be more if this one sells. Normandy is by far the most popular campaign outside of hardcore gamers and buffs, so it’s a good place to start unless you are trying to be niche.

      Also, BF devotes over 200 pages to just the Germans in Normandy in their latest book, add the rules and the Allies, and the free stuff from the website and they have maybe 800 pages for Normandy?

      • No, I don’t have any objections to the setting. It’s more that other systems release a core rulebook and then release supplements for the different theatres/periods, wheras this is the core rulebook and Normandy all rolled into one.

        So if you don’t have an interest in gaming that period, but want the core rules to adapt for, say the Italian campaign or the Eastern Front, then you have to pay for a lot of paper you aren’t going to use.

  • And I love the phrase “photographs taken during the war by those who were there.” As opposed to the photos taken during the war by those who weren’t there?

  • Osbad

    A new set of rules from whatever source is never a bad thing. However the price tag is a large wedge of cash to punt on the off chance that these rules are better quality than FW’s usually somewhat “tentative” offerings. They may be good, they may be bad, but I’m not betting nearly £50 on the chance, when the odds are worse than even.

    It’s not that there’s any dearth of tried and tested, and nicely laid out WWII rulesets knocking about the place. At 20mm I like Mongoose’s “BfE: World at War”, and at 15mm and smaller I like “Blitzkrieg Commander”. Both give games that can fill a 6×4 table with tanks and infantry and last a couple of hours. For smaller, skirmish gaming I prefer TooFatLardies’ “I Ain’t Been Shot Mum”. I could buy all 3 sets of rules for less than the cost of this book, so why would I bother?