Kabuki Models release new Sci-fi Napoleon

Kabuki Models release new sci-fi Napoleon to their online store.

From their release:

SA01 – Napoleon Sci-fi

character design: Michael Jenkins
sculpture: Michael Jenkins & Jarek
boxart: Iguazzu Artstudio

  • lordofexcess

    AKA Eisenhorn? Very cool mini!!

  • jackgaudette

    Although a few things are missing 1) I expect a more Masonic or Napoleonic stance. The right hand in his vest. 2) he was famous for his little gray cap. Coll mini!

  • Soulfinger

    Yes, the hat would be nice. Then again, that’s what modeling putty is for . . . or the Big Box o’ Hats Conversion Kit.

  • Sergus

    Great sculpt. It’s true it isn’t too “napoleonic”, but, EH, WHO CARES? XD