Kabuki models previews Octavia

By Polar_Bear
In Fantasy
Mar 21st, 2012

Kabuki Models previews their upcoming Octavia model for their “Big Sisters” line.

From the preview:

Here is a sneak peak of our new 54 mm scale miniature – Octavia for our Big Sisters range.

Sculpted by Roberto Chaudon.
Designed by Aurelio Lecis.
Cast in urethane resin.
Price 21,99 euro.

She will arrive on April 2012.

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  • McRockin

    Love the face, helmet and cloak but the rest of the armour is laughable


    Who the hell fights in high heels with their personals all “out there”? OK, drunken chavs in a British seaside resort do – but then they get rapidly suppressed by police wearing beat-boots and body armour, so it’s hardly a great endorsement.

    • Soulfinger

      It’s a “show us some boobies” line of figures, and I suppose pretty telling of the hobby that it comes up as sold out already.

      • McRockin

        Such a shame they felt the need to go down that route. The more the hobby relies on this stuff, the more it will reinforce its “sad and sleazy” image, which puts off more potential customers, which leads to even more reliance on the “sad and sleazy” dollar…

        Double shame, since most of the people I know in the hobby are pretty cool, but this kind of things does bring out the slimeballs I’d not want my daughter to date!

    • KelRiever

      You know, you guys have a point in a way, but it is funny that this seems to suddenly be news. I mean, did you just now realize that chainmail bikinis haven’t been around ever since there was a Dungeons and Dragons?

      I always was amuzed by belly shirt armor. Apparently, that’s less offensive.

      The college humor clip, by the way, well done.

      • KelRiever

        By the way, lets also not forget. Conan in a loincloth? Not offensive at all. It just applies to the naked female form, apparently…..

        • Soulfinger

          Robert Howard’s Conan went around fully armored. Schwarzenegger, as we all know, was a body builder, so the movie costume emphasized that. Surprisingly few female bodybuilders are cast in fantasy movies . . . funny that. I suppose that the filmmakers are trying to emphasize other features.

          The loincloth argument is pretty weak though. As my wife would put it, if miniatures like this are art rather than erotica then how much time have you spent painting the erect penises on your 28mm men?

          • KelRiever

            Not a point at all, actually. You just added sex into the mix and that’s the fail. Near naked chicks = near naked dudes.

            The chauvanism more comes in at the point of the number of models, there I would agree. Back in the way back day, there was a Ral Partha Balrog who had his main unit hanging out. If there was an internet, I wouldn’t be surprised if more complaints were raised about that figure. Sort of like the only thing people can remember from the Watchman movie.

            But fair is fair, I say. If you have a problem with near naked or naked chicks, go sculpt some near naked or naked men. You can even give them erect penis’ But I’d rather see that than prudishness. At least, if you are going to get in a big prudish huff, you have to come down on Kabuki, Kingdom Death, well, everybody.

            Actually, to be fair, this probably isn’t then the hobby for a prude. Cause no matter how anyone feels, I don’t see it changing.

          • Klaetch

            So, your solution is make more naked men figs? I’ve got nothing against nudity. I’ve seen it done to good effect in some Celt lines that didn’t seem very exploitative. But when a woman is expected to wear heels and a push-up into battle, that’s sexism, pure and simple. To counter that, we’d need to see dude miniatures in g-strings and posing pouches, really. Showing off flesh does not equal exploitation in of itself.

            Perhaps instead we could see the same amount of naked and near-naked miniatures as there are now of both genders, and an equal amount of fully-clothed female miniatures to match the male ones.

          • McRockin

            OOooooh, the old “this isn’t a hobby for the likes of you” argument! Haven’t heard that in YEARS! 😀

            It’s not about prudishness, silly over-defensive man – my only comment was that a female in high heels and a boob top is going to get her goose-bumped butt handed back to her if she’s called upon on the field of battle. And this a wargaming hobby, right? Emphasis on war?

            You have a problem with people commenting on the battle-worthiness of armour, maybe this is the wrong hobby for you.

    • Veritas

      “Augh…right in the shiny parts!”


  • The Octavia I know plays the Cello..

  • Orca