Kabuki Models is Hiring

Maybe Warlord Games isn’t for you. Well, Kabuki Models is also looking for someone to join their workforce. However, instead of in Phoenix, they want someone for Rome. No, not Georgia. Italy.

The position is part-time to start with, but has the potential become full-time. You’d be helping with customer service and shipping orders from the Kabuki online store.
They want to have someone start on the 1st of September, so you’d better hurry.


  • jeff fearnow

    I”ll go! I”ll go!

    Do I need to speak Italian? 😉

    • Drew Olds

      Well, there is a list of prerequisites (in Itallian) and they only say that you need to be able to understand English (written and spoken).

      So, no.

      • jeff fearnow

        You have gamed me into a new career!

        Now to tell the family we’ll be moving….;-)

        • Drew Olds

          Glad I could help.

  • Mark

    Apparently you can only be no older than 26

    • Drew Olds

      Why is there a lower age requirement?

      I mean, is open age discrimination like that even legal?

      I guess I don’t know Italian law.