Kabuki Models has next in their line of Big Sisters

Kabuki Models has the box art for their next Big Sisters model, Hellenika. It’s not posted here because it’s not the most safe-for-work model ever, as they tend to be from them. Still worth a look, though.

Big Sisters Hellenika box art finally revealed! Credits go to Banshee for top quality painting service.

  • McRockin

    Thank you, appreciate the consideration very much.

    Shame there’s no way of easily keeping the erotica and the gaming stuff separate and inaccessible to minors. I’d like to recommend sites like this (TTGN, that is, not Bukaki – sorry, Kabuki -Models) to the young ‘uns in GW, but if their parents saw them ogling stuff like this, they’ll be rightly bloody furious and I’d end up on some kind of register.

  • You were so cautious in your approach that I expected to see the most outrageous of models -XD-