June releases from Gorgon Studios

Gorgon Studios have posted details of their releases for June 2010.

From their website:

First on the list are some 28mm Etruscan Heavy Cavalry. This release is comprised of three packs, including a command pack, for a total of nine poses. The cavalry comes with a choice of shield variants.

Components have been made available separately with more shields and standards added to the webcart. Additionally, horses from this cavalry release are available (three horse variants per pack) for anyone in need of equine reinforcements.

The Etruscan heavy cavalry are dynamic figures and full of character. Like our Etruscan hoplites, the heavy cavalry can also be used as warriors from a variety of Greek city-states of the same era.

Additionally, we have a new 28mm Ancient World offering this month, Heracleides the Syracusan.

A veteran of the long wars with Carthage and decorated officer, Heracleides could no longer tolerate the ruthlessness of the Syracusan Tyrant, Dionysius. Heracleides and a handful of like-minded commanders attempted an ill-fated coup d’etat. Though spared from death, Heracleides was exiled from Sicily, forever forbidden to step again on her shores. He now makes his living as a mercenary and has fought with the Athenians and Illyrians. He longs for the day he can finally return to his beloved city-state.