July previews from Micropanzer Wargame Studio

Micropanzer Wargame Studio have sent some information about their July sci-fi miniature release plans.

light assault warbot preview

From their announcement:

July Updates–
1 — preview of light assault war bot
2 — preview of 15mm alien attack hound, swarm aliens and overlord alien.
3 — preview of Male version of alien attack hound 32mm scale sculpt.

British SAS are due back from caster mid to late August — I shifted funds to other projects so I could maintain the flow.
Working of store front so sales of existing miniatures can begin.Have included a promo deal pre-order on the SAS as well as listed out existing range of 32mm miniatures available

I will have product for people to review and have some of those contacts saved but if you want to insure that you are on the list feel free to email me and I will get you some samples. Please include your website and address.

I pretty much won’t have too much over the next couple of months as I will be focusing on getting the ball rolling with another company I am involved with called DGS Games LLC. We launch in September and will start attending cons next year promoting our Fantasy based RPG range of figures leading up to our RPG book Brightsword and then our skirmish level Game Blademaster set in the world of Faelon Head over to www.dgsgames.com to learn more.

As always thank you for your time — Jason