Judge Dredd miniatures info posted

Mongoose Publishing have posted some more details of their upcoming Judge Dredd miniatures game.

From their website:

Then, we released the current playtest rules for the new Judge Dredd miniatures game. This game has already been subject to playtesting within Mongoose, but more pairs of eyes never hurt. The core system itself is fairly solid (we believe.), but we need your help to refine points costs and play balance of various models, equipment and Talents. As soon as we start getting feedback (and it has begun, we have already delved into the inner zen of zombies in the game on the forums.), then we will be adding the psychic and vehicles rules.

We also have some brand new models coming up for the line. The first to appear will be two new Street Judges, both of which are currently getting paint jobs, and we already have others at sculpt right now. The rest of the ‘classic’ range will also be made available over the next couple of months or so.