Judge Dredd Kickstarter – Now Live

By Polar_Bear
In Crowdfunding
Sep 14th, 2012

Mongoose Publishing has kicked off their Kickstarter for the Judge Dredd Minis game and they’ve already passed their funding goal. Let’s see how far into the stretch goals they can get.

From the campaign:

We have just started the Judge Dredd: Block War Kickstarter, and there are lots of exciting projects on display for Dredd fans and gamers alike.

The Judge Dredd miniatures game features a completely free to download rulebook and has been running with the support of its fans for two years now. It is a 28mm skirmish-level science fiction miniatures game based on the iconic 2000AD comic strip where players take a force or faction from Mega-City One and prepare to do battle on the streets! Full campaign rules are integrated into the game, and feature a system whereby weaker forces are never at a disadvantage – even a lowly gang of street punks can take on Judge Dredd and his cohorts if you have enough reinforcements!

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  • Roebeast45

    I’m in, looking forward to seeing what they come up with for the Citi Def units.

  • TomasT

    Weird that someone who has the license to such a ‘famous’ name and trade mark does a Kickstarter….

    • Nightbee

      I’m starting to find it weird that anyone uses any other sales/distribution method. I’ve yet to see a miniatures Kickstart fail. Until the fad wears off, it seems like a surefire way of getting a game off of the ground.

      • TomasT

        Yes, I agree with that…

        Still find it a bit ‘cheap’. But sure, it is a good way to get money for an idea.

        I’ve seen quite a few fail, though.

  • keltheos

    Why wouldn’t someone use it? Free money, guarantees presales of your product (locking money in on it that can’t be spent on another game), FAR better promotion/advertising than anything else available to the gaming community these days…where’s the downside? Maybe some nerdrage over the ‘purity’ of Kickstarter, that’s about it.

    • TomasT

      Well… I agree…
      Then again, by backing on Kickstarter, we back what we hope, not what is.
      But of course, if that uncertainty is bad, we can wait for the game to be released and reviewed for real. But then we miss all the extra goodies one gets if one backs what is just a well promoted dream.

      But that’s really not a too big thing.

  • cybogoblin

    Okay, this is interesting. How is Matthew Sprange able to run this project?

    “To be eligible to start a Kickstarter project, you need to satisfy the requirements of Amazon Payments:

    —You are 18 years of age or older.
    —You are a permanent US resident with a Social Security Number (or EIN).
    —You have a US address, US bank account, and US state-issued ID (driver’s license).
    —You have a major US credit or debit card.”

    Unless Sprange is a US citizen who just happens to live in part-time in the UK, this is a bit confusing.

    • He’s obviously using an American associate or friend to run it. Just like Mantic, the McVeys and every other non-US kickstarter campaign.
      Not really interesting at all when you think about it.

      • cybogoblin

        Except, every time that has happened the American proxy has been listed on the project page. Sedition Wars used CMON’s account, a couple of UK-based RPGs have used the accounts of American friends.

        I know it’s not interesting, but if they’ve opened Kickstarter to countries other than America, that is something that is very interesting to this Kiwi.

        • Apparently it’s coming to the UK soon, the rest of the world can’t be far behind.

        • Mongoose has an office in Ohio, its where the models are cast and books are printed.

          • cybogoblin

            Ahh, that probably explains it then.