Judge Dredd Angel Gang preview

By tgn_admin
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Feb 15th, 2011

The Planet Mongoose blog has photos of the greens for the Angel Gang miniatures for the upcoming Judge Dredd tabletop game.

Angel Gang

From their website:

Got a good treat for all you Dredd fans out there. Shane Hoyle (you’ll start calling him Mr Shane Hoyle soon…) has done another blinder for the Judge Dredd range – the Angel Gang arrived this morning at our offices, and we just had to take a few tasty snaps of the greens before they get sent off to our miniatures facility in Ohio.

  • supervike

    Not into Judge Dredd at all, but these minis look good.

  • keltheos

    Loving the look of the models. Would be into a JD minis game if Mongoose wasn’t doing it. Their track record with minis these days is…well…it’s a shame, really. So much potential. I’ll watch the progress of the game and see if it has any lasting power with them to get into later on.