JTFM release 28mm U.S. G.I. crew figures

JTFM Enterprises have released a set of 28mm seated US WWII vehicle crews and passengers.

US GI passengers

From their announcement:

After a long delay, we’re pleased to announce the release of two crew sets sculpted by the talented Mike Broadbent.

First, a set of five seated U.S. G.I.s. Something to fill up your empty Deuce and a Half and half-tracks with. They will also work as tank riders.

Secondly, D-Day G.I.s to populate our Higgins boats. This set of six includes a pilot for the Higgins boat, and a poor fellow who just couldn’t get his sea legs under him. All are in life vests, and are scaled so that a full platoon will fit the boat, packed in like sardines as in real life.

Both sets are available for purchase.

All figures were painted by Helen Bachaus. Thanks, Helen!