Jester Miniatures contest winners announced

Jester Miniatures have announced the winners of their November contest.

From their announcement:

The winners of the november contest are drawn.

1. prize: All three Jester-Miniatures and three pigments
Lucas Blackwolf (Tabletop Gaming News)

2. prize: Second Prize: Rev. Dudley from Smart Max and one pigment
Serafin (Das-Bemalforum)

3. prize: Tamazin Tanaka from Newbold World (2003) and one pigment
Pumpkineater (Dragonpainting Board)

4. prize: Dot from Eolith + one pigment.
LadyArgent (CMON)

Congratulations to all the winners You’ll be informed with a mail. You can find pictures of the prizes here.