Jean Bey leaves Rackham

An unconfirmed posting on the Dragon Painting message board seems to indicate that Jean Bey has left Rackham.

Hi my Friends,

After several months of silence, it is time for me to give you some news: as of yesterday, I’m officially and definitively no longer part of the company.

I want to say thank you to all of you, for all your support, your confidence and your passion for CONFRONTATION and AT-43 all these years, and for some of you for more than 10 years! I have really liked being on board with you, meeting some of you each year at conventions, sharing with you every day all this passion for the CONFRONTATION and AT-43 minis lines and gaming universes.

CONFRONTATION has definitively changed the face of the 30mm miniatures industry and the way of playing a miniatures game forever by becoming a standard. Nothing would happen without you and as the creator of the game and the miniatures lines, I want to personally say that you have been the best supporters a creator can have. You are great!

See you soon again!

Thanks for all guys.