Jasco Games to make games based on Cowboy Bebop and Dragonball Z

Gen Con is full of exciting announcements. The latest comes to us from Jasco Games. They have just announced that they will be making games based on two very popular anime series (and one of them is one of my two personal favorites). Dragonball Z and Cowboy Bebop will soon be coming to your tabletop.

Dragonball Z will get to be over 9000 with a new, unique board game all to its self. I’m sure we can expect all sorts of cool martial arts action in that one.

And now the ones that I’m super-excited about: Cowboy Bebop will first be coming to the UFS card game system. Also, like Dragonball, Bebop, too, will be getting a new board game. So grab your mushrooms and stay tuned, space cowboy, there will be a lot more exciting revelations as they come to us.


  • I’m going nuts! Awesome!! See you space cowboy!!

  • miniwar monger

    Hopefully this wont be licensed crap.

    • Black_Echo

      I don’t think it will be. Considering they’ve successfully licensed from huge companies for their card game in the past, I’m sure Toei Animation has confidence in their abilities. If they can meet Capcom’s standards after their rigorous approval process (from everything Jasco posted, it seemed like a nightmare), I’m sure they can do Bebop and DBZ justice.

  • Ghool

    Their MegaMan board game didn’t inspire confidence.

    • miniwar monger

      Have to agree. thats the crux with all this licensed stuff, it heavily tends to treat its audience without respect.

    • Black_Echo

      Just because it’s coming out later than everyone wanted, and they had some learning to do with their first ever Kickstarter, doesn’t make the MM board game a bad game. If you actually played it at Gen Con (the first time they had the finished product available) you’d feel differently.

      • I talked with the guys at Jasco during the show a bit about the delays with MegaMan. Much of it comes from having the MegaMan people being /very/ particular about how the figures looked. They were making suggestions and recommendations on things on the pixel-level, since that’s what they were used to dealing with. When that translates to a miniature, though, it meant millimeter differences on the figure itself, because of scale, which, overall, doesn’t matter so much. Also, sometimes the turn-around on figure approval was just really long. Jasco would send figures out for approval and sometimes wait a month or more to hear back from anyone.

        There’s nothing wrong with being particular and wanting a well-made product. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not trying to “blame” anyone, since that has all sorts of negative connotations. More just trying to enlighten from what I learned at the show about the process of making the MegaMan game.

      • Ghool

        Oh, it has nothing to do with the timing, or lateness, or anything like that.

        I would have backed the Kickstarter, but I wasn’t sold on the game play – it seemed overly simplistic, and bland. The main selling point seemed to be the figures, which were…adequate.

        Because I wasn’t sold on MegaMan in any way, I don’t have very high hopes for these. This doesn’t mean I can’t be convinced otherwise, but my experience with their MegaMan KS would have me approach with caution.