Jasco Games announces new zombie project

Jasco Games has announced a new zombie-fighting game they’re calling Dead Meat.

Dead Meat


From the announcement:

In Dead Meat: Quarantine Zone America™, two players assume the role of one of four diverse human factions. The tabletop game seeks to innovate the genre by changing the typical zombie game by pitting humans versus humans instead of humans versus zombies, as well as introducing new mechanics to encourage greater tactical decisions. Many of these systems revolve around the inclusions of zombies as an uncontrollable neutral faction that force tactical decisions and keep both players moving. In addition to these new gameplay systems, Dead Meat: Quarantine Zone America™ also features a rich history of the game’s world.

  • Soulfinger

    Extraordinarily crappy name aside (which they paid $300 to trademark), I like that they are shooting more for that classic Romero theme of human on human action with zombies being a neutral faction. Good as that sounds though, it is yet another zombie game in a super saturated market. The idea makes for a far better scenario than a full-on game.

  • winter

    That particular innovation was introduced by “All Things Zombie” eight years ago with civilians, survivors, gangers, police and military. There was plenty of human on human violence and the zombies tried to eat everyone.