Japanime Games Taking Pre-orders For Alicematic Heroes

The folks over at Japanime Games have a new board game coming out later this spring. It’s called Alicematic Heroes. It puts players in charge of their own kingdom. But you’re not cordial neighbors. Each wants to expand their territory outward. But how will you go about building and expanding your kingdom? With five aspects you can work on, there’s no single way to best-win the game.

From the announcement:

A Tacticle Board Game for 3-5 players. Empower your kingdom and increase your territory!

Alicematic Heroes is a quick-played, yet tactical and strategic area majority board game with an engine-building mechanism! Players will spread on the board, but the vital bonus gained from invading new areas depends on how strong their kingdom is in one of the five aspects. Where will you strengthen yourself first, in your ability to play powerful cards, your power to invade strong areas, your invasion range or maybe your ability to renew your hand? A modular board and rule-breaking card effects, form a high replayability, quick yet quirky conquest game.


  • Grunswald

    would be could if they started by delivering their previous kickstarter first…

  • chrach7

    Maybe the new kickstarter is needed to pay for the old kickstarter- alien dungeon tried that for All Quiet on the Martian Front just before they went bankrupt.
    That’s why I don’t do kickstarters anymore.

    • odinsgrandson

      Kind of an unintentional Ponzi scheme, right?

      I don’t think that’s happening here (because it isn’t a Kickstarter). But I can see the wariness about backing Kickstarters generally. I feel like I need to trust the business model of the people I’m backing before I can put money into a project.

      To be fair, large US businesses mostly run in the red- they get loans for their normal operations, and profits first go towards paying off the loans before paying investors. Kickstarter replaces the normal loan and investors side of things, but otherwise it works the same way.

      Running our economy in the red essentially ups the stakes for everyone. Things do better when they do well, and things do worse when they fail.

      • Darkmantis

        The above is very much an intentional Ponzi scheme

        • odinsgrandson

          Do you mean Alien Dungeon or Japanime Games?

          I haven’t really heard anything quite so amiss about Japanime.

          • Darkmantis

            I was talking about the Alien Dungeon situation described above. I should have been more specific.

            Japanime Games’s exact reasoning is unknown to me, but constant release stream of titles is not unheard of in the board gaming industry.

  • Samiel Ebersbacher

    Are you guys sure this is even a Kickstarter? It sounds like a separate development, ready to ship in late Spring of this year, so just a few months left.

    • odinsgrandson

      Yep- this is just old fashioned pre-ordering.

      Some folks still get annoyed when a company that has an outstanding Kickstarter releases anything aside from the Kickstarter game (especially since the KS project is inevitably late).

      Personally, I don’t get that attitude, but it is out there. And sometimes the other releases do support the main line (look at Kingdom Death as an example of this turning out well for everyone).

  • DB

    Tacticle: (adj) An unintentional, but appropriate portmanteau of Tactical and Tentacle. Nothing screams Anime more than that.

    Apart from that box art. Good lord. It’s better than Tanto Cuore, but I don’t think I could put that on my shelf without having to hide it when family comes over, regardless of how incredible the gameplay is.