Jake Thornton posts designer’s look at Season 2 DreadBall teams

By Polar_Bear
In Fantasy Sports
Mar 26th, 2013

Jake Thornton gives us a look inside his design philosophy behind some of the Season 2 teams for DreadBall over on his blog.

From the updates:

just letting you know that I’ve started a series of Designer’s Notes on DreadBall Season 2 over on my site

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  • 4tonmantis

    A team of mantis type bugs? I couldn’t possibly be interested in that… noooo…

    The concept art for this is looking spectacular.

    • 4tonmantis

      Wait.. are these guys in Warpath somewhere? I would love to play an army of these outside of Dreadball.

      • They’re definitely on the way for Warpath. No idea what the release date would be though.

  • Nightbee

    It’s a shame they didn’t lead with some of these races, instead of populating the first “season” with so many derivative properties. I guess they did well enough, though.

    I’ve heard the game has some fairly serious design issues; are most people enjoying it?

    • One of the problems with picking races to start with is that most people want something familiar. You just have to look at the games which have been popular over the years and the ones that have fizzled and died and very often you find there is a correlation between adventurous/unusual and tiny/no longer in business. The intention in DB has always been to kick off with familiar and well understood races and expand from that, which is what we’re doing here.

      “Fairly serious design issues”? I’ve heard a number of comments and critiques, but I’m not aware of any serious issues. Some folk don’t like the game, but that’s a matter of taste, not a matter of the game being mechanically broken. Judging from the feedback I’ve seen from demo events, reading forums and fielding questions and emails myself it’s proving very popular among those who’ve actually found the time to give it a go.

      • …pressed the wrong button.

        I was just going to say that I wrote it, so I can hardly be called unbiased 😉

      • Nightbee

        Sorry, not having actually played the game, I don’t have much context for the comments I’ve heard. I believe the league rules were the main issue. It might just be a case of the game being different than what the players are used to (e.g. B.B.).

        I brought it up so that I could hear some positive reviews to offset what I’ve heard locally. As I said, it seems to be doing very well, so there are obviously lots of people enjoying it.

        • You could have a look at the FaceBook group for DB. They’re quite a jolly lot and I’m sure they’d be happy to answer questions – and they’d be less biased than me 🙂

          If you have a look at my site (www.quirkworthy.com) I’ve written several articles about a number of the design features, which might help explain things a bit.

  • Wolverine-X

    Well I’m not a Blood Bowl player, so I don’t have that baggage or bias. That being said, Dreadball is an amazing game! I’ve owned it from the start and have truly enjoyed it. It’s not a football clone or simulator, so if that’s what you want…this isn’t the game. What it is, though, is a fast paced, frenetic, back-and-forth game of fun and carnage.