Jack da Lumberjack available from Ammon Miniatures

Ammon Miniatures has their new mini for November available. It’s Jack da Lumberjack (and he’s ok).


From the post:

Please welcome Jack, our new miniature for November!

This massive lumberjack (5cm tall) comes from the northern dark forests and he’s used to fight against giant bears (oh…and cute beavers too) with his huge axe. You can’t mess with this guy, but you can still paint him!

  • tuco

    Out of the corner of my eye it looks a little like a Khador Juggernaut wearing Levi’s.

  • chaoshead87

    Pretty nice if you ask me.

    Totally reminds me of the headbangers from the brutal legend video game, which I loved so…may have to buy one.