iToysoldiers now has stat trackers for your collections

By Polar_Bear
In Accessories
Jan 17th, 2014

iToysoldiers has added new stats to their collection tracker software.


From the announcement:

I’m deliriously pleased to announce that iToysoldiers is ready for prime time! Over the last while I’ve been building a website for miniature war game addicts. iToysoldiers lets you track the results of your battles, show off pictures of your armies, and tells us your thoughts on the hobby in general. The best bit? iToysoldiers is system agnostic! Whether you play Warhammer Fantasy Battles, Warhammer 40k, Warmachine/Hordes, X-Wing, or any other game we’ve got you covered. The even better bit? iToysoldiers is free. Yep! I’m never going to charge my gamer friends to use the site.

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  • BaconSlayer

    Using GW and WoTC imagery seems like a good way to not have a site for long.

    • iToysoldiers

      Yeah, the silly card image is probably a bad idea.

  • When I read “stat tracker for your collections” I imagined a way to track how many models I own per army, how many of them are painted, how frequently I add new units and models, and how many times a particular troop type gets used in games. That I would be interested in. Looks like this is just a “games played, armies versed win/loss” tracker.

    • iToysoldiers

      Huh. I hadn’t considered that. Certainly doable within the framework of the site. I have a few things on the roadmap I need to address but ill circle around to the possibility soonish. Thanks for checking out the site And Rob is the name of Gods.

      • If you added that I’d definitely check it out. I’d love a way to track which of my wizards miscasts the most, or how many battles a particular character survives before ending as a casualty, weird stuff like that. Maybe if the tracker had a “blank” column or two under character models, the user could use it to fill in and track whatever aspect he wanted.

        • iToysoldiers

          Oh! That’s a totally superb idea – the custom stat field. Let me think about how to make that a reality. Thank you!

  • Muskie

    I use an ancient piece of software from the 80s on my Mac to track my army size, Microsoft Excel. I use an old fashion handcuded web page to record my wins and losses, finally I probably use Flickr, WordPress or my own domain to host the photos. I have a copy of pretty much every army list I’ve ever made going back to 1993. I’m not sure why I need this…

    • raensleyar

      Don’t quite understand why people make comments like this. If you have something that works for you, great! The guy isn’t charging anything and is basically providing a service that some people might find useful. Why the condescending comments.

    • iToysoldiers

      Sounds like you’re all set. Thanks for checking out the site. What could I add that’d be of use?

  • great work, this is really cool, any plans to expand into dreadball, deadzone, warzone and bolt action?

    • iToysoldiers

      Many thanks, evans970. I actually received a request on Friday to add Dreadball and Kings of War. I’m working that now. I’d love to add the others (especially bolt action – I don’t have a historical game up yet). If you submit ’em on the site via the “Request New Game Support” I’ll queue ’em up for addition. Thanks tons for checking out the site.