Italian Campaign at Arsenal Games and Hobbies

Arsenal Games and Hobbies will be running a Flames of War Italian campaign.

From their announcement:

Starting on July 19th, 2010 Arsenal Games and Hobbies will start an Italian campaign for Flames of War. If you want to participate, join us at our store at 198 South Belair Road in Martinez, Georgia on July 19th, 2010 at 6:00 P.M. for the organizational meeting. You will need to have at least one combat platoon and a company headquarters. You may attach one of each type of support platoons for your chosen faction to your combat platoon. Your miniatures should at least have a primer coat and a top coat of paint on them for this campaign.

Veteran players (those with more extensive armies) should have a force list totalling at least 1500 points. Players will only be fielding 800 point forces for the first round of battles and will take place on the beach at Anzio. These battles will involve company sized units. This will allow new players as well as the veterans to participate in the campaign. If the Allied player(s) win Anzio, the will advance to the First Overpass scenario. If the Allies loose the Anzio they will refight that battle in the next round after reorganizing and reinforcing. The Allies ability to move north will be dependent on winning their battles.

The newer players with limited forces will have their combat platoons attached to a force fielded by one of the veteran players. If the new player’s platoon is eliminated during a battle this will not cause the company to do a morale check. After a battle, casualties will be reported to the campaign organizer (Norman Schwartz), reinforcements and/or replacements will be determined, units will be reorganized accordingly and orders will be issued by the two factions for moving units to the next objective. Where Axis and Allied forces are assigned, battles will be generated for the next round.

Reorganizing and reinforcing your battle force between rounds (battles will be accomplished using the system on page 239 of the Flames of War core rule book. The ability to advance toward your next objective will be based on wether or not you won the most recent battle. The type of scenario to be played will be determined by the rules on page 232 of the Flames of War core rule book. The mechanics of these rules will be explained at the organizational meeting at Arsenal Games and Hobbies at 198 S. Belair Road in Martinez, Georgia at 6:30 P.M.

Participation in all of the combat rounds is not mandatory. If a player cannot make it for a particular session there will be penalty. People will be worked in and out of the rotation as needed by their schedule. The purpose of the campaign is to let newer players get some game time, for veteran players to coach newer players and above all… to have fun blowing up each others’ stuff.