Iron Kingdoms RPG slated for Sept. 19 street date from Privateer Press

By Polar_Bear
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Aug 24th, 2012

Privateer Press sold out rather quickly of their new IKRPG books at GenCon. Well, it’ll be a couple weeks but everyone else should have them in their hands as well rather soon.

From the announcement:

In response to the enthusiasm shown at Gen Con for the Iron Kingdoms
roleplaying game, and thanks to the product shipment arriving early,
Privateer Press has moved up the release of the Iron Kingdoms Full Metal
Fantasy Roleplaying Game: Core Rules to September 19 from its originally
planned October release.

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  • keltheos

    Got mine and although I’m still reading through it the loss of some great fluff (spells, for example, are reduced to their Warmachine counterpart descriptions, no ‘depth’ to them) the biggest problem I’m having is the lack of non-combat options rules-wise. Yes, I know I can house rule it and there’s always roleplaying, but that can be said for any mechanic in the game.

    It’s what killed 4e for me when I read it. “Here’s a combat engine with some handwaving given to non-combat options.”

    PP could have banged out a great game that bridged both the gritty cool Warmachine rules and served up something great for non-combat play. I like the game, just not loving it yet…we’ll see after a few plays if it holds up.

    • cegorach

      Pretty much this. Not a surprise though – with a core demographic of 15-35 year old boys that was kind of a given. It’s a wasted opportunity – sure, you could leave all the combat stuff in for the people who think roleplaying is all about combat simulation. It wouldn’t have been hard to add in actual RPG content beyond that – something of a lazy decision on PP’s part, not like RPG support would ‘water down’ their truckload of combat rules.

  • tensider

    Interesting first impressions, keltheos. I’d really like to hear more from you regarding the lack of non-combat options after you get those additional plays. This will let me know whether I’m buying it, not buying it, or buying it with a house rule fix already in mind.

  • Durandal

    Meh, I think it’s weird so many people were expecting a more indy-style non-traditional wargame out of Warmachine. It’s not that it doesn’t have non-combat options, there are loads of social skills and non-combat skills in there. It isn’t that the magic system is entirely combat focused (Alchemy and Mechanika are magic after all) it is that the actual spells are limited in application because the designers wanted it to be limited to avoid problems a lot of games with unchecked magic abilities fall for.

    Ubiquitous, everyday magic falls under the Alchemy and Mechanika since these things are repeatable and stable. Other forms of magic are largely focused on combat applications because they are far more limited in scope. This was a deliberate design choice to keep “creative” uses of combat magic from simply dominating play and making non-casting characters feel like chumps for choosing the wrong archetype.

    Some people will not like that the game hews close to traditional RPG styles with a robust combat system and a fairly light skill system to handle other bits. But I personally like this style quite a bit and after reading some of the dev commentary on it I can see that this was all deliberate design choices. Not every game needs a robust social combat system (some do of course) and I can’t help but think extensive systems for non-combat would have been missing out on what a lot of people want from the IKRPG. If traditional RPGs aren’t your bag then it is unfortunate that the IKRPG may not be for you, but that doesn’t make it a bad game.

  • keltheos

    No, I get that. I just feel that it’s a lot of missed opportunity.

    I’m one of those ‘it’s easier to ignore what you don’t want in an RPG than it is to have to create/houserule the things that are missing’ players.

    There are loads of social/noncombat skills (loads is a relative term with the number of skills overall in the game), but only one or two abilities are non-combat focused (like always being able to find one’s way home…).

    And I’m not expecting a more indy-style game. The lack of social mechanics is actually, to me, more in line with indy-style RPGs where ‘handwavey caveat’ replaces mechanics.

    For me, what it came down to is that my expectations were PP would take a great core mechanic and carry it across all facets of an RPG. They’ve done great importing warmachine combat into the RPG and some of the other rules (focus points) fit very well. It’s just that their desire to limit things means those of us who wanted/hoped for more may be a bit disappointed when they finally get the book in-hand.

    It won’t stop me from giving the game a try, but it is a letdown.

  • BaconSlayer

    It will be interesting to see how many people play it as an RPG and how many people use it as a small skirmish system, a lá Necromunda.

    • tuco

      This has been my plan since they announced it’s pending release and stated that the rules would be more in line with the minis games.

  • ElectricVoodooMagic

    It wasn’t that he book sold out in one day at Gencon the demos for the rpg were full for every time slot. I had to sit to the side and listen in to see how the game works. I don’t play warmahordes any more but I love the setting and this rpg seems interesting since combat does play like the tabletop game. I can totally see it as an rpg skirmish game.
    I sat in on a D&D next panel and a point was made about combat needing the most structure, rules, and randomization while social and possibly skill challenges just being done with role playing instead of dice throwing. An example that came up was giving the epic “Brave Heart” but then failing a skill role to inspire your party. If the player came up with a great speach then let the skill pass without the roll. Like all RPGs it comes down to the GM.
    I’m interested to see how magic weapons work, how to acquire jacks and it sounded like jacks progress as well so that will be interesting to see. I can’t wait to get my hands on this book.