Iron Kingdoms RPG Core Rules Sold Out at Manufacturer Level

Privateer Press is out of IKRPG books.

From the announcement:

Iron Kingdoms Full Metal Fantasy Roleplaying Game: Core Rules has sold out at the manufacturer level due to the high volume of distributor and retailer orders. Though Core Rules stock is sold out at Privateer Press, the highly anticipated book is still available through many distributors and retail stores.

  • jedijon

    “We’re proud to announce we underestimated demand”.

    I assume they’ll print more. Is this news? We used to get this only w/NECA/Wizkids.

  • TylerT

    eh estimating demand is hard. sure it’s news the news is if you want a copy you best not wait, or else you will be waiting for some time.

  • odinsgrandson

    I thought we got this kind of news when Pathfinder first came out (and the subsequent print runes sold out).

    If they’re printing overseas, then it is likely to take them three months to get the whole thing back on track.

    This does mean that IK is likely to be up in the top five or six RPGs out right now. I wonder how it is doing in comparison to the Fantasty Flight 40k RPGs.

  • mathieu

    Sure it’s news the news is if you want a copy you best not wait, or else you will be waiting for some time.

    No, that is the assumption PP expects people to make when reading such an announcement. The fact of the matter is they ALWAYS sell out of their non-WM/H stuff at manufacturer level, yet getting the “sold out” items is hardly ever an issue. Even though they “sold out” of Level 7 a month ago, there is no shortage of the game anywhere (and I’d assume it’s going to be that way for quite some time given the lukewarm reviews it received…).

    This does mean that IK is likely to be up in the top five or six RPGs out right now.

    If there’s anything it does NOT mean, that would be it. Selling out at manufacturer level has just about no connection with how good, or even popular a particular item is. What it does mean is that stores know the first IK books had become hard to find, and therefore assume there will be a demand for it. Or it could even just be that every store that want to have the book on its shelves is required to purchase a bunch of them…

    • odinsgrandson

      I guess I can see that. If every retailer has a few copies that are just sitting on the shelf for the next year, then that isn’t really a good thing for the RPG.

      On the other hand, having been at Gencon, and seen the demand for it at the con, I would expect the game to be popular. If the rest of the community reacts like the people at the con, then the game is probably selling out in quite a few places.

      I’ve read the rulebook (a friend of mine got through that horrid line at the con) and it is actually a pretty impressive product that they’ve put out (as compared against the many RPGs that I’ve played).

      What I’m really wondering is how it is doing in comparison to some of the other popular RPGs right now (like Dark Heresy). I’m sure Pathfinder is still at the top, but I wonder where this will end up.

      • mathieu

        I think Gencon’s popularity is another very misleading way to gauge the popularity of a product. Everything there is in limited quantity and often in pre-release, both factors that tend to turn a “maybe want” item into a “must get now” one.

        Not mentioning that, yes, PP is a popular company with a huge, dedicated following. I’m willing to bet that a solid chunk of the WM/H player base is going to buy the book with no intention of ever playing it (but for the fluff in it, or just ’cause).

        Bottom line is, nobody reacts like “the people at the con” 🙂

  • deedoublejay

    I just got my copy yesterday, and so far I’m loving it! I was reading until 5 am and am totally eager to get a game in. I wonder if/when they’ll do a second printing.

  • amoryburgess

    Awesome, hopefully they will correct all the typos in the next run. I love you privateer press, but your spelling is atrocious.

  • I wonder if they have an app for it yet? lolz… and a $4.99 dice roller. Thanks FFG!

    Being sold out at the manufacturing level means they don’t have any in their warehouse. The distributors have plenty, and the game stores have plenty at this point.

    When you hear here on TTGN that there are none to be found at your LGS and the RPG can’t be ordered because it’s out of stock at the distributors, then you’re in trouble.

    I still want a copy. I’m not in the “in” crowd yet.