Iridium Defense, a new tabletop game over on Kickstarter

Iridium Defense has been launched over on Kickstarter. It’s a tabletop game that also works closely with tab app technology.

From the campaign:

We at Zecil Software have been working on a new sci-fi alien fightin’ tabletop game that incorporates the goodness of a game board and miniatures with mobile apps and the infamous cloud.

  • blkdymnd

    Ok looking, not enough to back for me. Ex Illis was the first to mix tabletop and mobility well, hopefully they will be able to do something similar.

  • cannondaddy

    They’re going to need some sculpts of minis if they want to attract more people.

    • Bewulf

      Considering the game is not supposed to come with minis (those planned are just a gimmick for the “Deluxe Edition” and not enough to replace the stand up game pieces), I do not see mini sculpts helping them (unless they are good enough to justify spending $80+ on 10 miniatures, which will be very unlikely).

  • JRacel

    I see very little done to justify giving this company $350K. They need to really step it up if they really expect that kind of money.

  • Bewulf

    That campaign has the problem of combining a board game, which needs funding late in development mostly to cover production (and art), with software, which needs funding early in development to cover the coding. As such it has the problems of software campaigns: Little to show, higher risk, long wait even if successful.

    As we are talking about “little to show”: Iridium Defense shows us less than little. No board game prototype, no tech demo, not even the idea is explained very well. Board gamers who are used to nearly finished products on Kickstarter and often have trouble backing without knowing the game rules will certainly struggle with this.

    This struggle is further increased by their planned money allocation. Over $100000 for the development of the boardgame part, not including art, manufacturing or the software, which basically means the rules? Sorry, but if you pitch a board game on Kickstarter the rules should be finished and no-one is going to pay you that much for the development of a board game.

    Do not get me wrong, I find the idea interesting, but I just do not see this getting funded. Hopefully they will give it another try at a later date when they have a bit more than just the idea.

  • Cherno

    350k for a boardgame that has no top-tier names associated with it, no known brand, and requires users to own a peripheral (although I guess most people today own a smartphone)… 350k, this is among the highest of Kickstarter basic funding levels, up there with the big boys like Shadowrun Returns. I wish them the best of luck, but I can’t see this happening at all.

  • thetang22

    This has to be a joke. While the concept of the game is fine – the goal is completely unrealistic. There is no way in hell this will raise $350k….that’s just WAAAAY to steep of a goal.

  • Cherno

    “Will there be offline material if I do not have internet access?

    No, our table top games require an internet connection during game play. The mobile app on your Android or iOS device must have an internet connection using your cellular data network or WIFI to connect to the TTC. We are optimizing the apps to make sure they do not need a high performance connection, use minimal data, and can deal with internet connection losses gracefully.”

    Wait, what?

  • grimbergen

    Nice… $15 for a dicebag for am unknown IP and a game that can’t be played offline.