Inventory Blow Out Sale From DreamForge-Games

Do you want to pick up some new figures from DreamForge-Games? Do you want to pay significantly less than you usually would for them? Would you go to a bean-eating movie with George Wendt? Well, except for that last one, you’ll want to head over to the DreamForge-Games webshop this month.

DreamForge is having themselves an Inventory Blow Out sale. They’re looking to reduce some stock and they’re offering their products at a deep discount (40%-50%) in order to get as much out the door as possible. The sale lasts through October 30th, so get in your orders.
Hmm… maybe I should get another dozen Leviathans…


  • DB

    Their leviathans are pretty awesome. An 15mm-as-Knights army would be pretty neat, though I’m not sure if the dimensions line up exactly.

    • I’ve got my two Leviathans (one good, one evil) and love them. I really need to pick up some extra arms for them at some point.

      • Alex

        Was really hoping for a good one, but sold out.

  • Jake Rose

    Seems to be a worthless sale as most stuff is out of stock and you cannot have backorders.