Introducing Furie, a New French Skirmish game

By Polar_Bear
In Fantasy
Nov 29th, 2012

Furie is a new French skirmish game (that’s a skirmish game in French, not a skirmish game about the French). Go take a look.

From the premiere:

FURIE is a skirmish game in 32mm in a merciless universe medieval/historical fantasy, playing with formats according to figures 5-20 factions. With FURIE, you can use your tactical sense and discover the power of heroes populating the territories of Eseltraia.

An English trad will coming soon and the sales are near to be opened…

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  • Riquende

    Given the legacy of French skirmish games (Confrontation, Hell Dorado to name two), these figures aren’t particularly eye-catching.

  • keltheos

    If the wow factor of the figs is inversely relative to the dependability of the company to survive, then these guys will be around longer than HD and Cfron. 😉

  • Soulfinger

    Ce n’est pas terrible.

  • cama

    Deca possible, ils ont les minis de les 80s. Ils manquent l’animation, l’expression et ainsi que plusiers terrible de les autres. Merci, non.

  • whispe

    On figurines, I took a party of “simplicity” and respect for the basic influences (to break up with the ultra extravagant baroque impossible to stick and carry inherent French games), so that the characters most important really shine when they come out …
    And then the old school that is also fun to paint from time to time right?

    Also, do not forget that launch range simplicity is preferable to leave a good margin of surprise for the future … (IF the basic soldier and minor champions are already over ultra-stylized, than he will to the Lords of Equilibrium for example … ^ ^)

    Finally, for those who can read French, I invite you to test the game, you see, it rocks!

    • Riquende

      I dunno, one of the things that draws me to skirmish games is that there’s not really such a thing as a basic soldier (in terms of sculpting, not rules) – every model can, and should, be full of character.

      • whispe

        So let me the time to devellopate this one ^^ I’m actually on my own budget… but if the game works , the future is gonna be great …
        If you want to follow the preview you can come on my Facebook Furie the-game… The journey is only begginnig….

  • Nightbee

    I don’t think they look so bad. I’ve certainly seen worse releases from American and British companies over the past few months, and no one batted an eye at them. Seems more than a bit unfair to hold this game to a higher standard because of its creator’s nationality.

    • Soulfinger

      It’s not nationality, at least in my case. We see some glimmer of potential, how the product hasn’t quite lived up to it, and then forget to be constructive in our comments and comparisons. The worse releases aren’t even worth kvetching about. Then again, maybe we are just a bunch of bigots.