Interloper Miniatures posts Cast In Ruin green

Interloper Miniatures is working their way to their funding goal on Indiegogo for their Cast In Ruin model set. To help things along, they’re showing greens for a couple models they’re working on.

From the campaign:

Those are just two of the Interloper Miniatures available through this project.

This is a campaign to fund a dozen 28mm scale metal miniatures for use in post-apocalyptic role-playing and tabletop skirmish games.

  • Nachtpfiffel

    This ant thingy will brake to fast. The legs have several too thin elements to hold the weight of the boy under normal mini playing usage.

    • I concur, we’ve been looking into adding insect models to Brushfire for some time, and the legs has been the biggest issue with doing them properly.

  • Breakage or not… I love that Termite design!!!

  • Love the termite.