Infinity shows off their February releases

By Polar_Bear
In Infinity
Feb 22nd, 2012

Infinity shows off their February releases (and there’s a bunch of ’em!)

They were silent about the release… They let the figures talk for themselves.

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  • These guys are the “Lexus” of sci-fi minis

    • Absolutionis

      And surprisingly their minis are still a rather reasonable price. I love Corvus Belli.

  • Veritas

    That Custodier is AMAZING. Go look at the different angles on the website. It has an incredible sense of motion.

  • I’ve not looked at the infinity range for quite a while but just taking a skim through their site – crikey! I’d forgotten just how super cool their ranges are.

  • Repeter

    Infinity the rule set is a compliment to their great miniature line. If you haven’t tried it, check it out.

  • blkdymnd

    The rules are what’s kept us out of infinity. Horribly long and overcomplicated. Decent model range, spendy, with subpar rules.

    • Sevej

      The rules are pretty good basically. But I’m baffled at the weapon types and how special abilities interact (this counters this but not this, etc).