Infinity shows off March releases

By Polar_Bear
In Infinity
Mar 23rd, 2012

Infinity has their March releases up on their website. And with the posting of this, they’ll be on ours as well.

And there we are.

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  • Werewolf8

    Minor correction, I believe those are April releases. Another nice group of figs. wish Ariadna got something new.

    • TGN Ross

      Infinity has these up for their March Releases. I would hope these are the March Releases 🙂

    • Repeter

      Werewolf8–the rapid response team is Ariadna. A nice group too, with three Metros and more.

  • Dude

    They’re indeed March releases. I think the confusion may come from the fact that they won’t be available until April.

  • verythrax

    Man, WTF are the Druze!? It’s and insanely cool design! Just now that I was just settling with the idea of just getting PanO and Nomads :/

  • Space Ghost

    Druze are mercs, so you could use them with Panoceania or the Nomads. They have the fluff up at CB’s site, they come from the are of old Syria & Lebanon. Very nasty looking. 🙂

  • Janzerker

    They are mercs, however they are only AVA 2 as mercs. The box is designed having in mind the Haqqislam players using the Qapu Khalqi Sectorial, where Druze are AVA 4 and can form Fireteams, with a Hafza (just like the one released this month too) being the 5th fireteam member. Don’t forget your Druze in the Qapu Khalqi Sectorial are official ITS tournament legal.

  • GS_topcow

    Hafza with spitfire is a bit of a letdown, i dont htnk you can top the previous versions, they are absolutely insanely beautiful.

    the armored up sun tzu isnt what i was looking for thou…

    the merovignians are incredibly cool, a set that any sci fi game could use, even if we know that Ininifty is THE sci fi game out there 🙂