Infinity posts January releases

Corvus Belli posts up the new January Infinity Warbands.

From their site:

Die Morlock Gruppen
Sculptor: Juan Navarro

Teutonic Knights
Sculptor: Jose Luis Roig

2nd Irregular Cameronians Reg.
Sculptor: Pedro Fernández

Sculptor: Jose Luis Roig

Shasvastii Noctifers
Sculptor: Juan Navarro

  • scottjm

    Is it any wonder that they have a huge contingent in the Reader Choice Awards. Awesome stuff.

  • Bebop


  • Veritas

    I love those Morlocks!

  • GS_topcow

    whats with the cameronians, the chain rifles look like pistols! is the scale okay?

    • Veritas

      Well, he is on a 40mm base and not a 25mm base. He’s a big guy. They may be a little small, but I think it’s mostly the size of the dogface that’s making the chain rifles look small.