Infinity November releases

Corvus Belli have sent details and photos of their November releases for the Infinity sci-fi skirmish game.

William Wallace (EXP CCW) 7,75 Euros
The ALEPH’s Recreation of William Wallace, the legendary Scottish hero, was created to subvert the Caledonian clan society. But after his defection, he has become a symbol for the freedom and autonomy of Ariadna. His leadership skills are innate, but his greatest virtue is that he has the heart of a warrior, always advancing, ignoring enemy projectiles and proving his predilection for hand to hand combat. Wallace can join any Caledonian Fireteam, leading his savage Highlanders from the front line of any battle.

Military Order (PanOceania Sectorial Starter Pack) 33,25 Euros
This new Sectorial Starter Pack, unlike the precedent ones, is a miniature box containing a compilation of not released figures. The best choice to start, at least, a Military Order Sectorial Army, also known as the Knights’ Army. Despite all their advanced and ballistically oriented technology, the PanOceanian players also can call on the religious fervour and unique combat styles of its Military Orders. In this box you will find: 3 Sergeants of Order, with Combi Rifle, the core of this Sectorial Army; 1 Sergeant Specialist, the TO camouflaged infiltrator, providing advance support with his sniper rifle; 1 Magister Knight with Panzerfaust, the most CC oriented Order Knight with powered armour; and 1 Teutonic Knight with Combi Rifle, known by his outrageous warlike fervor, the deadly Teutonic is the most fanatical warrior knight in the battle. Infinity combat is all about action, right? So put the action back in your PanOceanian army lists with the Military Orders, in the name of the Lord and the Hyperpower.

Sù-Jiàn Immediate Action Unit (Spitfire, Panzerfaust) 24,00 Euros
The Sù-Jiàn, “The Swift Sword”, is the most futuristic troop of Yu Jing, a Remote Presence Heavy Infantry with variable morphology. During the combat, the remote operator of the Sù-Jiàn can choose between the High Mobility Form (Remote shaped) to cross faster the battlefield thanks to its great speed and Climbing Plus Special Skill and the Combat Form (Humanoid shaped) which can deploy with more accuracy and effectiveness its superior firepower. By that reason, Corvus Belli proudly provides this hi-tech troop in a single release that contains both forms. What are you waiting for? Just activate the boosters of the Sù-Jiàn and run at full speed through the combat area to blow away the enemies of Yu Jing.

Moderators from Bakunin (Spitfire) 7,75 Euros
The Moderators are the backbone of Bakunin’s army of the Nomad Nation. This police force have been involved in so many counterterrorist and paramilitary operations that their inclusion as a special forces combat unit is more than justified. Now you can complete your Moderators Fireteams, increasing their firepower with the Spitfire, the most versatile support weapon. Jump into the barrage with this dynamic Moderator.

Achilles (Spitfire, EXP CCW) 7,75 Euros
Achilles is the ALEPH’s Recreation of the greatest Greek hero, the finest of all warriors. Possessing a reinforcered and enhanced biosynthetical body, this Recreation is the champion, the own killing machine of the human AI, he appears where required in a brutal and peremptory fashion. Defined as an “Individual of Mass Destruction”, Achilles is ALEPH’s leashed monster. The ALEPH players can not miss their first special character, Achilles is ready to lead their troops towards the victory with irresistible fury and anger.