Infinity army deals

As part of Infinity Week at Beasts of War, Corvus Belli is offering a series of Infinity army deals.

From their announcement:

Corvus Belli have just released Army Packs with a huge 50% discount offer, only available during the Infinity Week

Only from March 21st to March 25th.
Offer valid for every order received in our online store from the moment they are available in the store until March 25th at 24:00 hours (Central Europe Time).

Aleph Army Pack

  • Aleph Starter Pack (Box with 6 miniatures: 3 Dakini (Combi Rifle), 1 Deva (Combi Rifle), 1 Naga (Hacker), 1 Asura (Multi Rifle))
  • Marut (Box with 1 miniature: Marut TAG)
  • Nagas (Blister with 1 miniature: Naga Sniper)
  • Devas Functionaries (Blister with 1 miniature: 1 Devas Functionaries Spitfire)

Normal price: 84,50€ Save 42,25€.

Panoceania Army Pack

  • PanOceania Starter Pack (Box with 6 miniatures: 4 Fusiliers (Combi Rifle), 1 Croc Men (Combi Rifle), 1 Orc Troop (MultiRifle))
  • Cutter (box with 1 miniature: 1 Cutter (TAG))
  • Akalis Sikh Commandos (Blister with 2 miniatures: 1 Akal (Combi Rifle) and 1 Akal (HMG))
  • Knights of Santiago Spitfire (Blister with 1 miniature: Knights of Santiago (Spitfire, AP CCW))

Normal price: 88,50€ Save 44,25€.

Yu Jing Army Pack

  • Yu Jing Starter Pack (Box with 6 miniatures: 3 Zhanshi (Combi Rifle), 1 Domaru (Boarding Shotgun), 1 Shang Ji (Combi Rifle, Light FT), 1 Celestial Guard (Combi Rifle))
  • Aragoto Senkenbutai (Box with 2 motos + 2 miniatures: Aragoto Combi Rifle + Light Shotgun and Aragoto Spitfire)
  • Oniwaban (Blister with 1 miniature: Oniwaban Boarding Shotgun)
  • Hsien (Blister with 1 miniature: Hsien (Multi Rifle))

Normal price: 77,75€ Save 38,90€.

Ariadna Army Pack

  • Ariadna Starter Pack (box with 6 miniatures: 3 Line Kazaks (Rifle), 1 3rd Highlander Grey Rifles (2 Light Shotguns), 1 Chasseur (Rifle, Light Flamethrower), 1 Veteran Kazak (T2 Rifle))
  • Equipe Mirage5 (Box with 2 miniatures: Margot (AP Rifle + Light GL) and Duroc (2 Chain Rifles)
  • Tankhunter Autocannon (Blister with 1 miniature: TankHunter (Autocannon))
  • Zouaves Sniper (Blister with 1 miniature: Zouave (Sapper – Sniper))

Normal price: 73,75€ Save 36,90€.

Nomad Army Pack

  • Nomads Starter Pack (Box with 6 miniatures: 3 Alguaciles (Combi Rifle), 1 Securitate (Combi Rifle + Light Shotgun), 1 Mobile Brigada (Multi Rifle + Light FT), 1 Zero (Combi Rifle))
  • Szalamandra Squadron (Box with 1 miniature: 1 Szalamandra Squadron (TAG))
  • Interventor (Blister with 1 miniature: 1 Interventor (Hacker))
  • Lunokhod Sputniks (Blister with 3 miniatures: Lunokhod + 2 CrazyKoalas (3 bases enclosed))

Normal price: 87,50€ Save 43,75€.

Haqqislam Army Pack

  • Haqqislam Starter Pack (Box with 6 miniatures:
  • 3 Ghulam Infantry (Rifle + Light Shotgun), 1 Naffatun (Rifle + Light Flamethrower), 1 Hunzakut (Sniper), 1 Janissaire (AP Rifle))
  • Maghariba Guard (Box with 1 miniature: 1 Maghariba Guard (TAG)) Base not enclosed.
  • Hassassin Lasiqs Sniper (Blister with 1 miniature: Hassassin Lasiqs (Viral Sniper))
  • Hassassin Fiday (Blister with 1 miniature: Hassassin Fiday (Boarding Shotgun))

Normal price: 84,50€ Save 42,25€.

Combined Army Pack

  • Combined Army Starter Pack (Box with 6 miniatures: 3 Morats Vanguard Infantry (Combi Rifle), 1 The Charontid (Plasma Rifle), 1 Daturazi Witch Soldier (Combi Rifle), 1 Malignos (Combi Rifle))
  • Caskuda (Box with 1 miniature: Caskuda (TAG) with acetate layer wings)
  • Speculo Killer (Blister with 1 miniature: Speculo Killer (Monofilament CCW, Combi Rifle))
  • Rasyat (Blister with 1 miniature: 1 Rasyat (Combi Rifle)

Normal price: 95,75€ Save 47,90€.

Books 2 for 1 Special Offer
Infinity rulebook and Human Sphere expansion book.
Only for: 35€.

  • Trent

    Are these good deals for Canadians compared to what can be ordered in North America?

    • Psychotic Storm

      There is some S&H cost from what I read in other forums, but if you can band up these are great deals.

    • amaximus

      my friend just ordered the Haqqislam pack with the Book bundle, which is 77,25 which had a 38,90 S&H.

      • amaximus

        that is roughly $20 cheaper than the warstore.

    • Veritas

      They’re good deals if you order like three of them or more. I think their shopping cart caps shipping at 38.90. So unless you want a whole lot, or get in on the deal with others, you’re probably looking at comparable prices to ordering from TheWarStore or Maelstrom.

  • Morf

    Does anybody else get that when trying to place an order?

    Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers error ‘8007000e’

    [Microsoft][Controlador ODBC Microsoft Access] Se excedieron los recursos del sistema.

    \NAS01\CORVUSBELLI.COM\WWW\EN../Connections/incluye.asp, línea 751

    • Zac

      Their site is getting crushed by traffic from what I read on Facebook