Infamy Miniatures previews new green for Uncle John’s Animal Circus

By Polar_Bear
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Feb 26th, 2013

Infamy Miniatures has posted up this new green they’ve got for Uncle John’s Animal Circus. Say hello to Chee-Chee.

From the preview:

Sculpted by Gautier Giroud

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  • grimbergen

    Cyber Apes are becoming overdone like zombies… AT-43, dust, incursion, AE-WW2, Pulp City, Reaper’s got their copies of course… this one’s like Pulp City’s Silver rager.

  • Yes but this one sports an italian porno sounding name from the late 80’s – can you give me an example of any other cyber ape that has that? 😀

    I don’t have any cyber apes yet and this one looks boss – also I own the miss Hyde/Jekyll kit and the details and quality are absolutely stunning!!! Going by that I’d say this is more of a collector’s piece than a gaming piece…

    • grimbergen

      Chee-chee! I TGN teaching something new new everyday! Another new genre I have to now explore…