Industrial Mechanica iMech News

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Nov 3rd, 2014
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Industria Mechanica lets us know what’s new and what’s coming out soon with their latest iMech news bulletin.


From the post:

Thanks For The Support!

Seriously… for as well known as we are and as many Facebook Page Likes as we have, sales don’t always match up to that. Help us to continue bringing your the best original model designs by preordering the upcoming items you want, sharing our posts, newsletters, etc with your friends and fellow modelers. Posting build-up (progress and finished) pics is not only helpful to us as far as showing off our products, but helpful to the community as a whole by bringing new modelers into the hobby and helping existing modelers to learn and discover new designs and techniques.

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  • The 1:1 scale Mushroom Goblin looks fantastic. I guess Goblins are about 20″ tall.

    I think Fairy Meat had rules for them too…