Incursion SNAFU release details

By tgn_admin
In Board Games
Apr 6th, 2011

Grindhouse Games have posted details of the tentative release date and contents of the Incursion SNAFU expansion.


From their announcement:

Here it comes people…BLITZ! We release in mid-may 2011 for North and South America and Australia, and early to mid June for Europe. Situation Normal, All F&%#ed Up. Distributors and retailers in the Americas/Australia have been sent new product listings for retailer pre-order. European stockists will receive an email from West Wind shortly. Retail price of one of each of the new yummy stuff is about 138 bucks US. We’ll start a 20% off pre-order package deal on the Grindhouse website tomorrow for the Americas. Maybe some other goodies too.

  • Those look badass!!

  • GS_topcow

    LOOOOOVE gracie and the drohne, great to have an expansion for this outstanding game!

  • GS_topcow

    one question, will it fit in the box?

  • supervike

    Pre-order is up. Great deal too.

  • 4tonmantis

    Yeah, that’s some epic stuff right there.. I didn’t dig around further than the this intended to be a skirmish type game?

    • supervike

      It’s actually a board game…very much in the vein of Space Hulk. But yeah, I suppose it can still be categorized as a skirmish.

  • Brant

    Sad that I missed the amazing deal they had not long ago with all the minis and boardgame.