In space, nobody can hear you roll a 1

By Polar_Bear
In Crowdfunding
May 6th, 2014

Hunters Books is running a Kickstarter campaign for Outbreak: Deep Space, their new sci-fi/horror/survival RPG game.



From the campaign:

Outbreak: Deep Space is a fully stand-alone pen, paper & dice Role Playing Game system made by the creators of Outbreak: Undead, the Zombie Survival Role Playing Game. Outbreak: Deep Space will allow you to simulate any type of Sci-Fi Survival Horror scenario, under any circumstances, in any setting you can imagine for your tabletop games.

Take inspiration from existing Sci-Fi/Horror Lore or create your own deadly opponents for your players to perish by. Fill them with the with fear, uncertainty, and danger that are all the best tropes of various sci-fi horror lore.

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  • Space Ghost

    Looks like a good idea to give this one a pass, based the reviews of Outbreak: Undead at

    A host of editing and layout errors, and rules that seemed nigh unplayable. I’ve never seen the need to “kickstart” an RPG, other than to get print editions, but, then, why not sell the RPG and grow brand awareness first?

  • That article is an excellent one, and we actually did talk with the guy a bit further about his review. I encourage you to read our response, since many of the issues he presented in the review have been addressed even in the 2nd printing of the book (it’s now in it’s 4th). Also we have learned A LOT since our first publication and are excited to take what we’ve learned and apply it to our new products!