In-Engine Trailer posted for Total War: Warhammer

Not too long ago, it was announced that Total War, the popular video game of military combat, was getting a Warhammer version. People were pretty excited, and rightly so. Well, they’ve now posted up an in-engine trailer for the game, and we figured you’d like to see it. Check it out below the cut.

Looks pretty darn sweet, if you ask me.


  • Ian Hunter

    Just so I understand correctly. Games Workshop is releasing a game based on a background world that has been destroyed and replaced by something completely different. So that when people who are now interested in the mini game because of the video game go to check it out are now told everything you saw no longer exists.

    • Petter Wäss

      Yep. GW PR pro.

  • Tam Song

    Yep, GW is switching media, following the $$. TTGs are a shrinking, esoteric niche market. The video gaming crowd however…
    I’ll buy it once it’s on sale at STEAM.