Improved Pledge Levels for Alternative Civil war

Ghost Train Games updated the pledge levels for their Kickstarter campaign to add in more minis without raising the cost of the pledges.



From the update:

Hello all backers and friends.
We want our ACW campaign to reach as many players as possible to build a great game with a great community. We have heard the feedback received about how to improve the campaign, and this is the result:


More details at the KS campaign

  • jackgaudette

    Quite honestly 10-12 minis $98 is not worth it. Most of us historical gamers are going to have a hard time with a “weird war” concept anyway. So give up the minis, because we will add these minis to our existing armies for character. For instance I use Perry minis……so what can you possibly give me? Thought so

    • Ghost Train Games

      Hi, have you read the update? It’s 16-18 minis plus 48 tokens plus dice plus shipping.
      Besides do you realise it’s a full skirmish game with it owns rules not a gallery of minis for another historical games?
      We just want to clarify things out, we don’t want to antagonize anyone, hope you understand.

      • Soulfinger

        Don’t want to antagonize anyone? Oh, no sir. It is on! Time for some nerd rage, because we ‘Mercians would never call something an Electromagnetic Barrager! That there is a Blowhard Hoss or a Sparkskull Mule if I ever saw one. We like our Civil War naming schemes like our women . . . colloquial.

        And if you want to court the historic gamers then it’s time to break out the bargain bin paints from the craft store and work up a nearly incomprehensible and entirely unnavigable website without a functioning shopping cart, because there’s nothing they like more than not spending any money while browsing the terribly painted display minis offered by these inscrutable companies. Also, don’t forget to woefully underpay your sculptors (living wage/4), another staple of the historic gaming industry.

        Good luck with the KS. (Smiley Face Emoticon)


    I quite like the look of this and I’m interested to see where it goes.

    Bearing in mind that shipping is included (often $20-30 extra to the UK), this didn’t seem like a bad deal to me and my group and I are splitting a set among us. The weird war Deadlands’esque angle made it more appealing rather than less so to us and I’m looking at it as a game rather than just figures to add to my collection, which I guess adds value from my perspective.

    I hope they meet their goal.