Imperial Assault: Twin Shadows Now Available

Tattooine has a certain… reputation in the Star Wars universe. It’s not exactly the nicest planet to land on. You’ve gotta be careful about where you go, who you talk to, what cantinas you go into. Even veteran warriors can be caught unawares. Han Solo, for example. He’s got a bit AWOL and you’ve gotta go find him. That’s the story behind Imperial Assault: Twin Shadows, which is now available.

In the Box

Will you be on the side of the Rebels, looking to find out what happened to Han, or part of the Imperials, who might or might not have a hand in what happened (and either way, you gotta stop those Rebel scum from whatever it is that they’re doing here)? Either way, you’ve got quite a few new options available for your forces with this new box set.


  • miniwar monger

    WOW… and the Cover Athlete isnt even in box. I applaude you FFG !

    • Boomer Adama

      Well, technically he is, as a token to be used in the scenarios if you don’t purcha$e the separate villain booster. You can see it if you squint closely at the lower left corner of the preview pic.

      • miniwar monger

        I still feel its shabby.

        • DB

          But everyone likes Pogs!