Impact! year-end sale

Impact! Miniatures is having a year-end sale.

From their website:

Did Santa miss some things on your list or leave you cash to spend on yourself? Impact! wants to help you close out 2009 correctly.

We’ve gone through and added a bunch of new stuff in the store on Christmas day (some many I’m still formatting pictures for some of them). We also went through and on most our products we’ve marked them down 20% on both individual figures and team packages.

This sale will last until I recover on January 1, 2010 … so don’t wait until the ball drops to get in those last savings fo the year!

Even the newest figures we just added to the store have been marked down 20%

  1. The long awaited Frog Sprues
  2. Snid Vicious (Hobimp with the spiky boots)
  3. 4 new Black Rock Hobimps
  4. and Buster the PendragonCon 2009 Limited Edition figure