Impact! previews the Apocalyptic Quartet Famine miniature

Impact! Miniatures have posted the concept art for the Famine miniature from their upcoming Apocalyptic Quartet series of fantasy football figures.

From their announcement:

We have been working on the concept, sketches and sculpts of our 4 new Samhaino Hunters for 4 years. The sculpts are finished and they should be coming to the store early next year. We’ll be announcing one a week and hopefully they’ll be ready for release very soon after that.

The concept was to turn the 4 Horsemen of the Apocolypse into Chaotic Warriors. Here is the sketch work of the second one: Famine

The figure will be sold with both heads. All 4 warriors will have a head without a helmet and one with a helmet. Each of the Quartet will have a punch dagger to try and match the Incarnation. Death’s was a scythe. Famine has needle daggers to represent the stabbing needling pains of hunger.