Impact! Miniatures unlocks Chibi Cthulhu on Kickstarter

Impact! Miniatures got to a new funding goal over on Kickstarter and has unlocked Chibi Cthulhu. Awww, it’s mind-alteringly-cute.

From the update:

Impact’s Classic Dungeon Adventurers – Chibi Minis project on Kickstarter continues to roll along. They just reached stretch goals that unlocked Type II Cthulhu and the Avatar of Yog and Cultist. These are all great figures to add a bit of old school horror to your dungeon crawl. Check them out

  • jedijon

    Boy that’s some cool artwork. If they’d show more than 1 green of their miniatures, I’d be remotely tempted to participate in their crowdfunding effort. As it is, I’m happy to wait till the dust settles before even remotely getting the idea to purchase any of these figures.

    Man – these kickstarters are everywhere! We’ve still got Story Realms Kickstarter banner ads at this very website even though their campaign has been over for ~3 weeks.

  • TomasT

    Looks nice.

    But seriously…
    I loved McVey’s Kickstarter. Why?
    Fund $100 and you get EVERYTHING. (Except the extras, where you get ALL extras if you fund it.)
    Here you get 19 an 1 extra.
    I want the ‘here is everything’-option.

    • Bewulf

      They have that. It’s the $250 Kingmaker Level.

      • TomasT

        Well, yes…
        but McVey (here I go) had $ 100 and then you took part of most stretches.. that was worth it. $250 on this… not so much, but thanks for answering.

  • Bossk_Hogg

    Part of the difference between this and sedition wars, relic knights, bones, etc is that for those, the sculpts were mostly done and already on sale. Bones was to transfer to a new material, relic knights/sedition wars were for rules and some sculpts, etc. Lots of these smaller mini company kickstarters are to get the sculpts made in the first place. Its more of a patron project to help it get off the ground than a retail pre-sale. Plus, Impact has been very open to input from those involved in the project, and has moved goals and added sculpts based on our suggestions.

  • Bossk_Hogg has it correct. Bones and Sedition Wars had most of those sculpting fees already paid for. We need to pay for all the sculpts but one. We did make a get one of everything level at $250 and right now the $175 still gets you one of everything we’ve made so far.