Impact! Miniatures Accepting Playtester Applications

Impact! Miniatures is accepting playtester applications for their game, Impact City Roller Derby (ICRD):

From their website:

Impact City Roller Derby (ICRD) is a fast-paced board game for two players that is based on flat surface roller derby. Each game consists of a series of races called Jams. Through strategic positioning of Blockers and well-placed hits, you can help your Jammer score or hinder your opponent. ICRD is seeking 12 parties for the second and final round of playtesting. The session is expected to last 4 weeks and test kits will be mailed in February. If you would like to be part of this opportunity e-mail us at the following address Roller derby experience is strongly preferred.

Please provide the following information in your email:

1: Your name.
2: Your experience with roller derby, including your local league.
3: Your experience with board games.
4: How many times you believe you can playtest in the four week period.

If you are selected, you will be required to register on our message board and participate in the private ICRD forum for discussion.

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    • John Maddening

      Any chance of another team soon? I mean, five new bodies rather than just more (oddly helmetless) heads? I love the first five!

  • Does partying with a female roller hockey team count as experience? The wife’s friends are cheerleaders for a Dallas flat track team and all I can tell ya is that they swear like sailors, drink like fish, look like fallen angels and can most certainly take a punch. With all that going for ’em, they still suck at arm wrestlin’ though.

    Looks like a fun game,

  • John Maddening:

    Yes we do have plans to create more figures and hopefully have a new team to offer. One of the rewards we plan to do when we KickStarter this is to offer having a miniature made for the game in the likeness of the reward backer. We plan on offering 12 of this reward. If we get at least 5 to sign up for it we’ll beg one to be Jammer and one to be a Pivot and the other 3 Blockers. But if we get all 12 sold, this would hopefully give us 2 new teams to offer. It costs us around $3500 to produce a new ICRD pewter team … so unfortunately its not something we can do without some serious resources and knowledge that it will payback. (we still haven’t covered the cost of making the last 5 bodies yet). But we are hoping that our KickStarter will help get the game into commercial product AND give us one to two new pewter helmeted teams for the game.