Impact! launches Earthdawn fantasy RPG Miniatures KickStarter

Impact! Miniatures got a new Kickstarter campaign underway. This one’s for Earthdawn fantasy RPG minis.



From the campaign:

The Earthdawn RPG mixes the familiar with the exotic; dwarves, elves, and humans mingle with the lizard-like t’skrang, the earth-skinned obsidimen, and the small, flighty windlings. This KickStarter will bring all of these varied races along with unique monsters for them to face to improve your experience playing the RPG. Since several of the races in Earthdawn are unique in fantasy RPGs, this project will be an opportunity to have miniatures cast that match better with your characters while playing Earthdawn.

The miniatures are 28mm scale and are all aimed to be very affordable on the gamer budget with costs of $2.33 to $5 each.

  • blkdymnd

    Easily my favorite RPG ever when I did RPG back in the 90’s

    • 4tonmantis

      Always seemed interesting but I couldn’t get my group to break out of the DnD, Shadowrun, White Wolf cycle.

      • Soulfinger

        I’m surprised that they wouldn’t play this if they enjoyed Shadowrun. All of FASA’s lines were using the same mechanics back then, weren’t they? I vaguely recall having the rulebook and GM screen, probably from a Chessex dam box, but I never got into it.

        Are these old Ral Partha/Grendier sculpts?

        • 4tonmantis

          It’s one of those things where someone got the core book(s) and we were like “yeah we’ll totally try that” and ended up never doing it. I think we might have even made characters at one point but it never got past the talking phase. We did try a few other systems every now and then just not this one unfortunately.

          They very well could be the old sculpts.. there is still a Ral Partha page as far as I know but I have never spent much time on it.

          • Soulfinger

            Apparently FASA owns Partha Europe, so it wouldn’t surprise me if there were molds stowed away somewhere.

  • Lexthilian

    This setting has always interested me, but I never tried it. Anyone know anything about the Savage Worlds edition of Earthdawn? Is it any good?

  • Beermonkey

    Played Earthdawn a LOT back in the day. Best damn fantasy game hands down in my opinion. Or at least it was then. A newly minted FASA kickstarted the game not too long ago. I’ve backed it but they have gone very quiet since then. I have heard the Savage Worlds version wasn’t too good.

    The setting is brilliant the rules are good, but in many ways dated by today’s standard of fast simple and light rules. Still if your looking for an amazing world you can’t go wrong wtih Earthdawn.

    For the record these are remastered versions of the old 90 Earthdawn line. Still have some of mine kicking around someplace. Not bad minis but again a bit dated.

    • Soulfinger

      I can’t imagine Savage Worlds meshing well with it, just because the two systems had such different styles, like playing Shadowrun in the ’90s with the Deadlands ruleset. The new 4th edition books are supposed to be 100% compatible with 3rd, assuming that you can find the older stuff at a good price.

      Thanks for the update on the origin of the minis. I checked RP Europe’s site, and they still have a couple figures (windlings and obsidiman wizard) for sale, so I’m willing to bet that some figures will become available again if the license reverts back to them — although it may be like Mirliton liquidating blisters left over from twenty-five years ago.

      By the way, Impact’s safety disclaimer on the KS is a hilarious read.

      • Glad you liked the safety disclaimer Soulfinger. I figure if the government is going to force me to put it there … I can have fun with it.

        My understanding from talking with RP Europe is that the couple Earthdawn items on their site are left over blisters from the back room like you suggested.

        I also wanted to make it clear that we have the original masters for the figures from Heartbreaker via ZN Games who we are working with in a joint venture. So the figures are being made from the original masters and with FASA licensing to do so.

        • Soulfinger

          Heartbreaker! Man, I forgot all about them. Thanks for clearing that up, and best of luck with the KS!

          I feel for you with having to put that disclaimer. There should be a blanket warning label that reads, “Caution: You may be too stupid to use this product.” It’s like that time when I submerged my figures in a lake to strip the paint and nearly drowned, which is why Grenadier had to post a disclaimer that their figures were not suitable for use underwater by awesome dudes or while doing Jaden Smith-style Karate (a separate incident). At least you weren’t raided by the Feds, like Tri Tac back in ’94.