Impact! 4th anniversary contest

Impact! Miniatures is having a contest to celebrate their fourth year in business.

From their announcement:

Impact! Miniatures turns 4 years old on April 24th. We are in a mood to celebrate.

To celebrate with our great customers we are going to have a special contest that is all about 4.

The special contest will last for 44 + 4 hours starting at 12:01 of Thursday April 23rd GMT +0 (because GMT +0 is where Impact. began). This means it ends when our anniversary ends at 11:59 pm on April 24th.

Place an order that qualifies for free shipping (£50, €60, $75 USD, $80 CAD, $90 AUD) and your order will be placed into a drawing.

Since this is all about the number 4 we will draw one entry from the drawing for every 4 entries in the drawing. If your entry is drawn on Monday April 26th, you’ll get an email and you can add 44% of the value of your order onto your order as extra free product. Place a $100 USD order and you’ll be able to add on another $44 USD for free if we email that your order was drawn for the contest.

Now to prevent folks from placing larger order in smaller pieces to get multiple entries. If your order is a multiple of the free shipping, you’ll receive one entry in the contest for each multiple of the free shipping (so using GBP, an order of £100 will get 2 entries and £150 would get 3). Now if your order is 4 times the free shipping amount or more you’ll automatically get 44% in extra product since 4 is the magic number for this contest.

Thank you for helping Impact. reach this anniversary and we look forward to many more years of involvement in the gaming community.